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About Us - BluGee

First! Thank you for taking the time to learn about those of us here at Blugee!


Company Overview!

We are currently a new company whose desire to get popular products made available to our customers at a price that is as close to the whole sale price as possible. Being an online re-seller we are also taking advantage of the go-to selling platforms that you have come to know and trust. Blugee is currently selling on as well as our own website powered by Shopify.


What to Expect!

Our President, a US Marine Corps Veteran, has instilled the core values from his post 9-11 military experience into the foundation of the Blugee team. You can expect excellence from a group that values dedication, commitment, and timeliness while striving to be the best at serving our customers no matter situation. When the “smoke clears” know that we are looking out for you first and foremost.


How we make the process work?

The first step we do to save our customers money is to build a relationship with our manufacturing partners. We follow that relationship building by testing the products our partners create to ensure they can be received as expected by our customers.


Direct From the Following Manufactures