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Reaper Miniatures FAQ

Each of the questions below has a more in depth answer on a separate page, all you need to do is click on the question you would like more information about. The short answers provided are a summary and may not be detailed enough for your situation.

What are Reaper Miniatures made from?
- Miniatures are made from a Metal Alloy, Plastic Compound, or Resin and are completely safe to handle.

My Miniature arrived bent or broken, what can be done to fix this thing?
- Metal miniatures require only a slight bit of pressure while plastic miniatures need some boiling water to complete the change. Often broken miniatures simply require some assembly to be made whole again.

How do I assemble my new or broken miniature?
- Some super glue, slight pressure, and a little bit of patience for any type of miniature.

How come my Miniature did not arrive painted like it showed in the picture?
- Marketing, it is common practice to show what a miniature could look like.

How can I learn to paint as well as the picture shows?
- The easy answer is practice, but there are a lot of guides and videos to help every beginner.

What can I use these Reaper Miniatures for?
- Anything you can imagine gaining enjoyment from.

How big are the miniatures from Reaper Miniatures?
- Each miniature will very base on its size, but the Reaper Miniatures team follow a 25mm Heroic Scale.

How does Reaper Miniatures create their miniatures?
- Metal is made in a spin casting machine and Plastics are produced from an injection system.

Have more questions about Reaper Miniatures?
- If the FAQs didn’t have your answer please reach out to us,