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Reaper FAQ - My Miniature arrived bent or broken, what can be done to fix this thing?

Metal miniatures are made from a tin alloy and have a chance to bend while in transit, simply use your hands and hold one side firmly and apply slow steady pressure to the other side until the shape is as desired.

Plastic miniatures can bend and hold the newly desired shape by carefully dipping the miniature into boiling water, let slightly cool to bend into the desired shape, and then dipped into cold water.

Resin miniatures are highly brittle and have the possibility to arrive chipped and broken. Unfortunately, the only solution is to glue the broken pieces back onto the miniature much like any assembly activity.

If any of the Metal, Plastic, or Resin miniatures come in the package in multiple pieces there is a possibility that your miniature is not broken but does require some assembly. An example guide can be found here on assembly. (Link to Assembly FAQ)

If you are unsure how many pieces should come with you purchase there is a count just under the bar code on the miniatures package or have a clear box from with specific slots for each piece. Some exceptions do apply.