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RPR09974 - Reaper Miniatures: MSP Bones | Monster Colors

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Brush your beasts with the Dungeon Dwellers: Monster Colors paint set!

This special set includes six half-ounce bottles of Reaper Master Series Bones Paints, perfect for metal, resin, or plastic models.

  • Contains 6 Bones Ultra-Coverage Paint Colors:
    • 09455 TROLL HIDE: Dark olive green with a strong yellow tone, perfect for trolls, lizardmen, jungle foliage, and camouflage patterns.
    • 09456 ORC SKIN: Ideal for orcs, moss, mold, or lichen, also great for highlighting grey stone and ghoul skin.
    • 09457 GOBLIN SKIN: Complex oranges useful for highlighting dark brown leather or as a shadow color for Ogre Skin.
    • 09458 KOBOLD SCALE: Great for darker red dragons, demonic skin, red brick basing, or weather-reddened skin shadows.
    • 09459 OGRE SKIN: Strong ochre yellow, perfect for highlighting Troll Hide or other darker olive greens, and as a base for non-metallic gold.
    • 09460 GNOLL PELT: Versatile color for gnolls, field grass basing, military/camo tones, mixing into dark greens, or for evil priests or undead cloth.

Perfect for both beginning and advanced painters!